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Underwater by Marno78 Underwater by Marno78
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da-joint-stock Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2017  Student General Artist
Nice work! The floating island looks awesome - great job. Tthere are a few photo artifacts from the previous background, but they do help make it pop.

The perspective is a little buggy but overall this is a great scene. Well done :)

Thanks for using our stock!
Marno78 Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2017
I'm amateur still learning so thank you for your constructive critics - always welcome. Thank you very much :)
da-joint-stock Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2017  Student General Artist
We've all been there and we all have our amateur quirks at times - art gets boring otherwise.

As a possible suggestion, you could try adding a soft gradient overlay to the underwater section. Make it very thin (faint) over the objects closest to the viewer, then more solid as objects get farther away, sort of like you did on the boat, but emphasized. This will create a very clear sense of depth, and unify the colours a little to suggest being underwater. I feel you have already done this a little and the background already has a noticeable fade, but the two are a little inconsistent.

A few tricks to create distant objects:
-Add soft gradients overtop, more solid on objects farther away.
-Reduce the Contrast to make the colours less defined.
-Generally speaking, most backgrounds should have 'atmospheric perspective' where distant objects take on a faint colour, usually blue from the sky. Underwater this effect is greatly exaggerated.
-Do not make distant objects transparent.

Finally, photomanipulated shadows are always troublesome, unless you're working with a diffused (soft) light, like in fog. Consider the lighting of stock images and try to match the shadows on those objects within the scene. Not so much the shadows on the ground, but the shadows on the objects themselves, like the ones on the woman on the right compared to the woman on the left. In cases like these, sometimes you have to adjust how objects are positioned to make the lighting feel unified throughout the scene. Always tricky :frustrated:

My apologies if this seems nit-picky or offensive - wasn't meant that way :)
Again, nice work.
Marno78 Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2017
Again - Thakns ;)
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